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Socket repair and installation In London

Emergency Electrician London carries out all types of electrical socket repairs, upgrades and installations, and we are experienced in all types of electrical maintenance. If you have cracked or broken sockets or the sockets are non-functional we can repair them quickly and make them electrically safe to use again. Another option is to upgrade existing single socket outlets to double socket outlets and we can supply and fit USB socket outlets.

We also offer and instal additional socket outlets in your house or company; do you have extension leads that could be a tripping hazard? We can advise you on how to wire additional socket outlets to reduce these risks. Adding socket outlets to your property can have significant benefits. For example, many older properties would have a single socket outlet in a bedroom with many objects linked via an extension lead; adding extra socket outlets can greatly improve the arrangement of a room. Wall-mounted TVs can benefit from additional plugs that can be hidden behind the TV so that no cables are visible (we can also hide HDMI/aerial cables).

We can provide and install weatherproof outside outlets at the back or side of your property, or in a garage, for example. Outside sockets are useful for power washers, hot tubs, electric car charging, and so on. Sheds and garages are also frequently used for fridges and freezers or workshops; we can assist with this by providing specialty outlets built for high impact usage.

Chrome socket improvements are very popular and there are numerous types and variations available for our customers. This is especially true for kitchen modifications, where chrome socket outlets can truly complement and stand out from a new kitchen installation, and matching light switches and cooker points are also available in chrome. This is a routine job for us, and we have extensive experience upgrading sockets and performing socket repairs in general.

Socket repairs with Emergency electrician London

Socket repair in the UK typically involves repairing or replacing a damaged or malfunctioning electrical socket. This may include tasks such as:

  1. Troubleshooting: One of our electricians at Emergency electrician London will first diagnose the problem with the socket, by checking for any loose connections, damaged wiring, or other issues that may be causing the socket to malfunction.

  2. Replacement of the socket: If the socket is damaged or no longer working properly, the electrician will remove the old socket and install a new one.

  3. Upgrading the socket: Your designated London electrician may also recommend upgrading the socket to a newer and safer version, such as a socket with built-in child-safety shutters, or a socket with USB ports for charging devices.

  4. Rewiring: If the problem is with the wiring, the electrician will fix or replace the damaged wiring, and ensure that the socket is properly connected to the electrical circuit.

  5. Safety check: After completing the repair, our electrician will conduct a safety check to ensure that the socket is working properly, and that there are no other issues with the electrical system.

It is important to note that if you are experiencing problems with a socket, it is best to call a qualified electrician to fix the issue, as working with electrical wiring can be dangerous, and incorrect repair can cause additional problems or even fire.

An electrician will have the knowledge, experience, and tools to safely and effectively repair or replace a damaged or malfunctioning socket and ensure that it complies with the current electrical regulations and standards.

Why you need Emergency electrician London for Socket repairs and replacements

here are several reasons why it is important to hire a professional electrician from Emergency electrician London to complete socket repairs and replacements:

  1. Safety: Working with electrical wiring can be dangerous, and incorrect repair or replacement of a socket can cause electrical shock, fire, or other hazards. A professional electrician is trained and experienced in handling electrical equipment and systems safely, reducing the risk of injury or damage to your home.

  2. Legal requirements: Many local building codes and regulations require that electrical work, including socket repairs and replacements, be performed by a licensed electrician. Emergency electrician London will have the proper licenses and certifications to ensure that the work is done in compliance with these regulations.

  3. Quality of work: A professional electrician has the knowledge and skills necessary to repair or replace sockets correctly and efficiently. This can help to ensure that the sockets are functioning safely and properly, and that they are compatible with the existing electrical system in your home.

  4. Experience: Emergency electrician London has the experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix any issues with the sockets promptly and efficiently. Our electricians are trained to the very highest standards, and also have the equipment and tools necessary to complete the job, and the experience to handle any unexpected issues that may arise.

  5. Warranty: A professional electrician will provide a warranty for the work that they do, meaning that if something goes wrong with the socket after it’s been repaired or replaced, the electrician will come back and fix it.

  6. Time-saving: An emergency electrician London electrician can complete the job quickly and efficiently, saving you time and hassle. They will also be able to advise you on how to prevent future problems with the sockets.